Important Lessons & Connections in Kenya

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This February, a team of 8 girls and SeaVuria's founder went to Kenya to meet their scholarship recipients. Previously, the only communication had been through emails and letters. The in person interaction greatly impacted the lives of those from both Seattle and Kenya through the solidification of friendships, growth of cultural knowledge, and increased understanding of each other's passion for learning.

Some of the most impactful experiences for the 8 girls were those that showed them the resilience and passion for education that the scholarship recipients have. One example of this dedication was highlighted during the trip when a teacher was absent from one of the classes a few SeaVuria girls attended. Even though there was no teacher, the Kenyan girls worked hard and one student took initiative and led the classroom in a lesson.

Not only did the SeaVuria team get to experience first hand how important education was to the scholarship girls, but they also saw the gratitude the scholarship girls and their parents had for this opportunity to stay in school. Examples of gratitude were shown through assemblies, dances, and gifts. One father even rented a motorcycle and drove for over 2 hours to thank the team for keeping his daughter in school.

Another impactful moment from the trip was seeing how the state of the Kenyan nation in terms of money has not made those living there any less kind, joyous, or proud. Through this, the Kenyan girls unintentionally taught the team a lesson on gratitude and being content.

A very important takeaway the team had from meeting the scholarship girls in person was that they are just like each other, but they do not get the same opportunities. Opportunities do not come easily where they live in Kenya, but at SeaVuria we are working hard to give these girls what they need to have a successful and impactful future. The fact that 62 students have been kept in school because of SeaVuria really shows the value of the work that is being done. As Ellie, a SeaVuria team member, states, "These girls are worth it. Any little bit helps, but education will keep on helping, and the impact we have is real."

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