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Empower the Children of Taita-Taveta

Currently, the bright, creative, and resilient children of Taita-Taveta are left behind because of the ever-widening digital divide, which is widening as technology advances exponentially every year. Together, we can change that!

Our core values are deeply embedded in three key pillars:

Our Impactful Initiatives

Improved Educational Outcomes

SeaVuria's initiatives have led to improved academic performance in STEM subjects, as evidenced by higher test scores and increased interest in pursuing STEM-related careers among local youth.

Economic Empowerment

By equipping students with the skills needed to excel in STEM fields, SeaVuria contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty. Graduates are better positioned to secure well-paying jobs, stimulating economic growth in the community.

Community Development

SeaVuria's commitment to quality education extends beyond the classroom. We actively engage with the community to foster a culture of learning and innovation, spurring the development of local talent and resources.

Global Competitiveness

Through our efforts, Taita's youth are not only prepared for local challenges but also positioned to compete on a global scale. This translates to a stronger community that can contribute to solving global issues.

Our impact on the Taita community has resulted in the following:


Empowering Educators

We believe that nurturing capable and motivated educators is fundamental to enhancing STEM education. Through extensive training programs, mentorship, and resource provisioning, SeaVuria empowers local teachers with the tools and knowledge needed to deliver engaging and effective STEM instruction.


Leveraging Technology

In a rapidly advancing world, technology plays a pivotal role in education. SeaVuria harnesses the power of technology to bridge educational gaps and make STEM learning more accessible. We provide students and teachers with access to cutting-edge digital resources, interactive learning platforms, and innovative teaching methods, enabling them to thrive in the digital age.


Advocating for Scholarships

SeaVuria is committed to ensuring that no promising young mind in Taita, Kenya, is held back by financial barriers. We actively advocate for scholarships and financial aid opportunities, opening doors for talented students who may not have had the chance to pursue STEM education otherwise.

The 96 scholarship recipients of 2023.

Our Mission

Taita-Taveta, Kenya, nurtures the boundless potential of its vibrant, inventive, and determined youth, whose destinies hinge on access to top-tier STEM education fortified by cutting-edge technological resources. These promising minds are currently face the stark reality of being left in the shadows, as the gaping digital chasm continues to expand at an astonishing pace. Yet, amidst this challenge lies an extraordinary opportunity for transformation, an opportunity we can seize together. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and ignite a future where children in Taita-Taveta have the tools they need to thrive and shine.


SeaVuria's mission is to revolutionize STEM education in Taita-Taveta, Kenya, so that we may  cultivate brighter futures for the youth while simultaneously fostering a more prosperous community poised to make a positive global impact.

Empowering Community Action In 4 Steps

Getting involved with SeaVuria is a meaningful way to contribute to our mission of transforming STEM education and fostering positive change in the Taita-Taveta community. Here are several ways individuals can become a part of our organization:


You can make a financial contribution to support our scholarship programs, technology initiatives, mentorship programs, and Science Innovation Fair. Donations can be one-time or recurring, and they play a crucial role in sustaining our projects.


We welcome volunteers with a passion for education and STEM to support our programs. Whether you have expertise in a STEM field, teaching experience, or are interested in mentoring students, your time and skills can make a significant impact.


 If you're a business or organization interested in partnering with SeaVuria, you can explore sponsorship opportunities for specific projects or events, such as the Science Innovation Fair. Sponsorships can help us expand our reach and impact.


Help us raise awareness about our initiatives by sharing our stories, impact, and updates with your social networks. Engage with our social media channels and promote our work to your friends and colleagues.


Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Through comprehensive professional learning experiences, teachers benefit from pedagogical training, curriculum refinement, and assessment strategies. Monthly online training sessions empower 85 teachers to implement innovative teaching methods using technology tools in their classrooms.


Scholarship Program

SeaVuria's scholarship program enables girls in Taita-Taveta to access secondary education. Over the past decade, we've granted 750+ scholarships. In 2021, we expanded to support higher education in STEM now offering university scholarships. Our "girls supporting girls" approach engages Seattle high school and college students to fund scholarships, which encompass not only financial aid but also friendship, mentorship, and inspiration for STEM careers.


Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program extends beyond scholarships, focusing on essential life skills and addressing community challenges, such as gender inequality and mental health. Led by teachers and community members, it fosters peer-to-peer interactions, hands-on activities, and tailored lessons, continually adapting to scholars' needs.


Science Innovation Fair

Our annual Science Innovation Fair ignites STEM interest and hones critical skills. Students tackle real-world issues with innovative solutions, promoting hands-on learning.


Collaboration with Taita-Taveta University

Our partnership with Taita-Taveta University provides access to STEM professionals, inspiring students to pursue STEM fields. It exposes students to a university setting, fostering aspirations for higher education.


Technology Support

SeaVuria's commitment to technology bridges divides and champions global connectivity, evolving education for a connected world. SeaVuria equips schools with essential technology resources, transforming pedagogy and promoting technology literacy.

Addressing Community Challenges

In Taita-Taveta, Kenya, SeaVuria tackles two critical challenges: a gender imbalance in STEM education and a digital divide. Less than 30% of female students graduate from STEM programs, and internet access is limited to 20-25% of the population, with a stark urban-rural divide. SeaVuria responds by providing technology resources, boosting digital literacy among educators, and fostering parental support for technology in education.

Our Vision For The Community

The community of Taita deserves equitable access to STEM education and technology. At SeaVuria, we are committed to addressing unique challenges such as gender disparities and the digital divide. Our mission is to empower every child, family, and educator in Taita Taveta with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive. We invite you to join us in upholding the rights of this remarkable community, where equality, empowerment, and community values drive transformative change. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

SeaVuria's well-established credibility and local partnerships in Taita-Taveta since 2012 makes us a trusted ally in the region's educational landscape. Our innovative approach to STEM education demonstrates the transformative power of technology, collaboration, and community engagement in addressing the digital divide. SeaVuria is dedicated to providing equal access to STEM education and technology for the digitally disadvantaged in Taita Kenya, empowering students and educators in Taita Taveta to excel in the digital age.

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