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Seavuria Girls to Girls is a group of high school girls from Vashon Island, Washington. We work to provide educational scholarships for youth in Kenya. Although we primarily focus on girls' scholarships, we also sponsor some outstanding boys. We want to not only provide education to those in Kenya, but we also strive to establish connections that inspire the global youth in Kenya and the United States.


Where students make the difference.

PETRI stands for Philanthropy, Education, Teaching, Research, Involvement. Founded in 2011, PETRI is a club of Mercer Island High School girls who seek to empower young women in Kenya and the U.S. through education, scholarships, and friendships. We believe that every student no matter where they live should have equal access to education and we strive to provide these equal opportunities.

WEE stands for Women's Empowerment Through Education and was founded in 2021 by 5 girls previously involved in G2G or PETRI. WEE provides university scholarships to women who received a SeaVuria Scholarship in high school. Our organization works to expand access to education through providing scholarships, building global friendships, and educating others on the importance of women's education.

Peer to Peer Kenya Club


Over time, we've recognized a need to mentor and empower the students we sponsor. Our goal is to help these Taita youth flourish academically, socially, and emotionally, equipping them with the tools for holistic growth. To achieve this, we're addressing community issues like patriarchy, drug abuse, sexual abuse, mental health challenges, and poverty through the development of our mentorship program.

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