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Making a Donation is Change

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards improving the organization and advancing our mission. It is from your donations that we are able to provide technology, training, and scholarships to the Taita-Taveta region. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide more information on where your money is going.


  • Goal: 

    Many students in Kenya fail out of school due to low math and science scores. Our goal is to improve teaching and learning of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). 


    Our Approach: 

    65 dedicated Kenyan STEM teachers gather monthly on Zoom to improve their teaching practices. Lead by MaryMargaret Welch who is joined by teacher leaders, teachers are empowered with skills to bring STEM learning alive, making this learning relevant and important for students’ lives, and providing collegial support. Teachers are shifting their teaching practice to be more student centered.   


    The workshops also help the teachers align their curriculum and pedagogy with the Kenyan governments’ initiative for a Competency Based Curriculum.

    How you can help: 

    • $ 6,000 to sponsor a full year professional learning for 60 teachers (10 sessions).

    • $600 will sponsor one professional learning session for 60 teachers. 

    • $60 sponsors one teacher’s learning for one year. 

  • Goal:

    To allow students in the rural Kenyan community of Taita Taveta to have the opportunities of education to better their lives and community. 


    Our Approach:  

    Two clubs PETRI (from Mercer Island) and Girls to Girls (from Vashon) fundraise all year to secure funding to pay for school fees for students who would not otherwise have a chance to go to high school.  

    They foster a friendship though a pen pal program where they communicate through email and Zoom calls.

    How you can help:

    • $600 will allow a boarding school scholar to attend school for a year. 

    • $300 will allow a day scholar to attend school for a year. 

    • $50 will pay for reusable pads for 10 girls for a year so our girls do not miss school due to their period.

  • Goal:

    To provide promising students from our high school program to attend university for 4 years to give them a chance at a brighter future.  


    Our Approach:

    Graduates from PETRI and Girls to Girls came together to form WEE (Women’s Empowerment through Education). Currently as university students themselves, they fundraise to send deserving girls to university in Kenya. 

    Their mission is to not only provide these students with the educational opportunities to immerse themselves in learning without the burden of being sent home for the lack of school fees, but to also provide them with a community of hardworking and supportive women their own age from the US who to create a sense of female empowerment and global friendships.

    How you can help:

    • $6,000 will sponsor a girl for four years at a university in Kenya.

    • $1,500 will send one deserving girl to the university for a year. 

    • $750 will sponsor one girl for a semester at the university.

  • Goal: 

    To give students a venue to see the relevance and importance to science, math, technology, and engineering (STEM) learning in their lives.


    Our Approach: 

    The STEM Extravaganza gives students the opportunity to apply their STEM learning to solve a community-based problem. We use the Design Thinking Model to help students actualize their important initiatives so they can used by the community and even monetized.  

    Community members such as current university students, community activists and innovators offer support to the students as they develop their innovations. 

    How you can help:

    • $3,000 to provide funds for equipment to actualize 10 of the most promising innovation projects.

    • $2,500 will provide training for teachers and TTU undergrads to learn the Design Thinking Model.

    • $2,000 provides materials for 10 school-based finalists to prepare for Regionals by building and testing their prototypes. 

    • $1,500 for expenses to host the Regional or final Extravaganza at TTU.

    • $1,000 will support TTU undergrad students to work in the high schools.

    • $ 500 to provide transportation for students to attend the Regional Extravaganza at Taita Taveta University. 

    • $100 to sponsor one team’s project.

  • Goal:

    The aim of the mentorship program is to help empower the students we sponsor to grow into holistic individuals; to prosper academically, socially, and emotionally. 


    Our Approach: 

    Our focus is to empower the youth in the Taita community by giving them a safe place to learn and discuss issues that impact them like patriarchy, drug abuse, sexual abuse, mental health challenges and poverty. The mentorship program resides within the structure of a school club that meets weekly for 90 minutes. The curriculum is informed by the needs of the youth and includes character development, academic skill building, health, and career exploration.

    How you can help:

    • $ 2,000 supports the development of the curriculum for the program in collaboration with faculty at TTU. 

    • $500 supports the university professor’s travel to the 10 schools to support the program. 

    • $480 pays for one teacher mentor to facilitate at a school for one year.  

    • $400 pays for 10 teacher mentors for a month to facilitate the program at their school.

    • $75 supports the training of one teacher facilitator by our TTU professor and Stella. 

    • $50 pays for supplies needed at one school for a year.

  • Goal:

    Knowledge, skills, and competencies with technology are a basic requirement for securing a job and for a nation to compete for a share of the global market. Technology in education will prepare students for their future. Because the Kenyan government does not provide access to technology in these rural schools, the students in Taita are falling further behind. We aim to bring technology to the classrooms of our SeaVuria schools for teachers to enrich and enliven their lessons and for students to engage in research and deep learning. 


    Our Approach: 

    It is our goal to equip our schools with technology equipment and training. We have installed routers at each school for access to the internet. We have put about 10 Chromebook in each school for scholarship communication and to give students the opportunity to conduct research for school. The internet access allows us to do teacher professional learning on Zoom and share educational resources for teachers that can be found on the web. The school are using the materials and making progress, but we do not have enough of these important tools. 

    How you can help:

    • $350,000 will provide the entire technology package needed for all 10 schools. 

    • $5,500 will purchase a classroom set of Chromebooks. 

    • $500 for one Rachel Pi

    • $250 will provide monthly connectivity to10 schools.

    • $250 for one LCD projector for a classroom. 

    • $225 will purchase one Chromebook.

    • $150 will purchase one Router to give internet connectivity. 

    • $150 for one Document Camera for a classroom.

  • Goal: 

    To employ local talent to attend to the day-to-day work of SeaVuria in Kenya. 


    Our Approach: 

    To hire Stella Kidongi, a former scholarship recipient turned SeaVuria volunteer to support the Scholarship programs, the Extravaganza, the Mentorship program, and all the details necessary to keep SeaVuria moving forward.

    How you can help:

    • $10,800 will pay for Stella’s employment and expenses for a year. 

    • $500 will pay for Stella’s salary for a month.

  • Goal: 

    To build an infrastructure of leadership and support to develop a sustainable program in Kenya.


    Our Approach: 

    Create an advisory board. The advisory board is comprised of teacher leaders, principal representative, parent rep, student rep, and Bishop Lagho. The board meets monthly. Subcommittees of the board meet several times during the month to attend to the work of the organization.

    How you can help:

    • $ 4,800 provides stipends all members to attend the meetings for a year. 

    • $ 1,200 will sponsor a teacher leader. 

    • $ 40 will pay for one month of stipends for all 9 teachers.

Partner and Help Us Soar

Partner with us! We are dedicated to advancing our mission by working with the local communities in Kenya and Seattle. If you, your company, or someone you know is interested in partnering with us on a project, please contact us to find out more.


Your donations, volunteer hours, and support are what keep SeaVuria alive. We have the vision, but you have the power to put it in action. We appreciate your support, no matter what form it comes in.

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