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About Us

At SeaVuria, we expand educational horizons through the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. We have proven ourselves as the paramount resource for educational expansion in Taita-Taveta, Kenya. Our initiatives are engineered for meaningful, lasting impact. The core of our belief is simple yet profound: the areas of greatest need, when empowered, yield the highest returns.


Educator Empowerment


Our philosophy hinges on the idea that fostering skilled and inspired educators is crucial to uplifting STEM education. Through comprehensive training initiatives, mentorship, and resource allocation, SeaVuria equips local educators with the necessary tools and insight to provide captivating and efficacious STEM teachings.

Technology Utilization


In a world of swift technological progression, the role of technology in education is cardinal. SeaVuria taps into the potential of technology to fill educational voids and render STEM learning more attainable. We facilitate access to avant-garde digital assets, engaging learning environments, and pioneering pedagogical approaches for both students and teachers, setting them on a path to flourish in the digital epoch.

Scholarship Advocacy


SeaVuria holds a firm commitment towards ensuring that financial constraints don't stifle the potential of any aspiring young mind in Taita, Kenya. We fervently champion scholarships and financial support avenues, unlocking pathways for gifted students who might not have had the opportunity to delve into STEM education otherwise.




We acknowledge the unique position of girls in the US to aid Taita-Taveta's economy. By fostering a cross-continental sisterhood, we enable these young women to contribute and grow alongside their Kenyan counterparts. This exchange enriches Taita-Taveta's educational resources while promoting global citizenship and mutual growth, creating ripples of positive change across communities.


Every year, the SeaVuria Scholarship Programs (Girls to Girls and PETRI) send Kenyan youth to high school. Recent years have totaled over 500 scholarship recipients and the scholarships are paying off.

Florence Mkamburi, a 3-year recipient of a SeaVuria scholarship, earned the top score in all of Taita Taveta County on her college entrance exam, the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Florence was taken in by her aunt after the death of her parents. Her aunt, who lived near Mlamba, enrolled her at Mlamba secondary. At Mlamba, Florence met with high academic achievement and served as the prefect for Form 4 girls. This bright young scholar is now pursuing a college education; an opportunity that may not have been possible without the financial support of a scholarship.

In rural Kenya, many children drop out of public elementary schools before reaching eighth grade because of unmet needs for school uniforms and shoes, books, pencils, and notebooks. Many families cannot afford to provide their children with the necessities for school.

The cost of private and even public secondary schools is much too high for many Kenyans. A fifth of the populace must get by with less than one euro per day. Only a wealthy minority can afford the expensive private secondary schools, but graduating from a secondary school is a requirement for enrolling in college. Before a child enters ninth grade, it is decided whether he or she will be able to undertake university studies. If not, a child's education is considered complete after the eighth grade.

Young women face additional challenges when making their way through the school system. Families invest less money in girls' education, and many Kenyans share traditional views about the role of women in society, seeing them rather as suited solely for marriage, childbirth and raising a family.

We know that scholarships change lives. Because of the amazing work of our Girls to Girls and PETRI scholarship programs, our generous donors, and their combined passion for creating educational opportunities for all, Florence is looking at a very bright future.

Science Extravaganza

The Science Extravaganza provides a dynamic platform for students to put their scientific knowledge and skills to work, addressing real community challenges. This immersive experience encourages students to see themselves as problem-solving champions, fostering their creative thinking and innovation. In addition, students gain valuable skills in research, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the art of persuasive pitching, equipping them for success in both the classroom and the real world.


A team of students from Ngami astutely recognized a pressing water-related issue in their community during the Science Extravaganza and ingeniously developed a prototype to address it. Their outstanding efforts have not only earned them funding but also a mandate to extend their vital work within the community. Their innovation promises to significantly alleviate the challenge of inadequate access to clean water, making a meaningful impact on the lives of many.


The mentorship program plays a pivotal role in fostering holistic student growth. It equips students with essential social and emotional skills, empowering them to navigate the challenges of young adulthood with confidence and resilience.

Martina Kulola, a Form 4 student from Mwakitau, one of our valued partnership schools, exemplifies the transformative power of our mentorship program. Initially, she struggled with shyness and communication challenges. However, after just four months of active participation in our mentorship sessions and engaging in peer-to-peer counseling, Martina experienced a remarkable metamorphosis. Not only did she enhance her communication skills, but she also achieved the remarkable feat of being elected as the school president. Today, Martina confidently addresses her peers and serves as a student representative on the Seavuria advisory board, embodying the very essence of our mentorship mission.


Our Story

In November of 2008, SeaVuria’s co-founder, MaryMargaret Welch, and three other delegates from Eastside Catholic School in Seattle, traveled to Bamba, Kenya to set up a sister school partnership. During this trip they were met with enthusiastic children and devoted teachers, each longing for quality education, but limited by circumstance. For many students, financial and family constraints limited access to a full education; for teachers, the cultural norm of didactic (lecture-style) teaching methods hindered student engagement, specifically impacting math and science scores on national exams.

MaryMargaret formed a partnership with Bishop Wilybard Lagho, who at the time was the superintendent of the Mombasa Catholic-sponsored schools. They visioned what a partnership might be and shared it with 10 secondary school principals. The team signed a covenant of understanding, promising to build a partnership of educational opportunities for the students and teachers of Kenya while enlisting local high school students and teachers of Seattle to be a part of the collaboration. The result of this promise is SeaVuria; named by the students of Kenya as a reflection of the partnership between Seattle (Sea) and the landmark hill of their region, Vuria.

Claudia Kenga, a proud recipient of the Seavuria scholarship, faced financial challenges as an orphan and couldn't afford her school fees. With Seavuria's support, she successfully completed her high school education at Bura Girls School. Upon graduating from university, Claudia's commitment to giving back to her community shone through. Motivated by her own experiences, where she had once struggled with school fees and access to sanitary supplies, Claudia founded a grassroots organization, "Pamoja Girls," dedicated to assisting underprivileged girls in the Kilifi community. She's a shining example of the transformative power of education and the spirit of paying it forward.

Claudia Kenga

Allow us to introduce Stella, a remarkable individual and a SeaVuria High School Scholarship alumna. After successfully graduating from university, she chose to give back by volunteering with SeaVuria, dedicating her time to mentor and uplift young girls. Stella is a firm believer in empowering the next generation of young women to fearlessly pursue their dreams. Her passion and dedication have now led her to a pivotal role within SeaVuria, where she serves as the Program Manager for both the mentorship and scholarship programs, making a lasting impact on countless lives.


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